Since my first spritz of Psssst many years ago, dry shampoo has been a staple in my beauty arsenal. At any time, I have at least 3 backup cans stashed around my apartment and never turn down the chance to try an innovative new formula. I’ve used countless iterations from the highest highs to the lowest lows and while this one is still my reigning favorite, there are two budget-friendly options that I always keep stocked: Batiste and Dove.

Ringing up at around $5, these drugstore dry shampoos do everything I ask of them — that is soak up excess oil, create volume and allow me to go that extra day or two (or three) before washing. Of the many versions of Batiste, I’m partial to the dark brown that sprays a tinted formula or the tropical that smells like a beach holiday.

My tried-and-true method for using any dry shampoo is to spray my roots, leave it for 2-3 minutes, massage with my fingers then brush my hair. Once brushed, my hair is back to that perfect second-day feeling where it’s not too squeaky clean and not yet an oily mess. The Dove dry shampoo has the same style-extending results plus adds serious volume. So much so that it works just as well as a styling product from day one. I use a couple of sprays to create body in the lengths if my hair is falling flat or create hold for a ponytail.


Sephora surprised us with a sale this week so I jumped at the chance to restock some of my go-to beauty products and pick up a few from my wish list. The sale ends September 3 so start filling those shopping carts!

Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara – Dare I say I’ve found my holy grail mascara? The big brush and a formula on the drier side make it easy to build up volume that doesn’t flake.

Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil – I wanted to try something new after using my last brow pencil to the nub and heard only rave reviews for this super thin-tipped one.

Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette – Hands down the best quality eyeshadows I have ever encountered. They are super pricey but worth it so take advantage of the sale.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer – Aside from being beautiful in the compact, this bronzer is streaked with a glowy powder that makes it even more flattering.

Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream – While I love that the packaging on this keeps it fresh and sanitary, I can’t tell when it’s running low. I’m grabbing another one just in case.

Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser – One of my favorites from this amazing brand, I use this one or twice per week for gentle exfoliating in the morning.

Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Honey Mask – The original charcoal mask is one of my must-haves so I expect to love this new version with nourishing honey.

Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask – This whipped face mask is a pot of pure luxury. It’s cooling upon application and makes my skin look refreshed and all-around better.

Farmacy Honey Potion Mask – Any time my skin is feeling irritated or simply off, I smother it with this mask and leave on for as long as I have time.

Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Face Oil – After using up three minis of this incredible glow-giving face oil, it was time to purchase the full size.

GrandeLASH Lash Enhancing Serum – With consistent use, the result of this was inarguable on my lashes – so much length, it was like I had lash extensions without all the hassle.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo – An all-time favorite, this allows me to put off washing my hair for another day or two. It’s definitely not my first and won’t be my last.

Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer – I rarely make smoothies but I’ve had FOMO for all the supplements that can go in them. I can’t wait to stir a scoop of this in my daily coffee.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose – I often travel with a rollerball fragrance and 4/5 of them are Nirvana. My latest love, Rose is darker floral that lasts so well on the skin.

Biossance Squalane + Bamboo Deodorant – I switched to natural deodorant a year ago and it took trying 15+ to find one I like. This one smells nice yet subtle and doesn’t irritate.


In every area of my life, I love to be extremely prepared. Among many things, this has led me to a tightly edited assortment of products I carry around in my everyday bag. This little makeup bag is perfect to corral all of them within my tote. It makes it that much easier when I change bags to simply move the makeup bag from one to the other. Now on to its contents.

Anyone who read last week’s post will know a hand cream is one of my essentials. I go through it pretty quickly and rotate the brand and scent, but this Lanolips one is my latest love. It sinks in nicely and smells like a summer holiday. A hand sanitizer is also a must-have what with all the public transportation and general New York City filth. Any will do but this one smells like lavender and doesn’t dry out skin.

Wearing contacts and staring at a screen for most of the day can, to no surprise, cause a bit of irritation. I keep these eye drops on hand and have also been looking into blue light-filtering glasses after reading this article on goop.

A tinted lip balm and roll-on perfume are the perfect beauty refresh in the middle of the day or before after-work plans. I swear by these particular blister band-aids if my shoes start to rub me the wrong way. This mini comb neatens things up on windy days or makes it easy to tie my hair up before a workout class. Lastly, floss because how annoying is it to have something stuck in your teeth?