what’s in my well-stocked everyday makeup bag


In every area of my life, I love to be extremely prepared. Among many things, this has led me to a tightly edited assortment of products I carry around in my everyday bag. This little makeup bag is perfect to corral all of them within my tote. It makes it that much easier when I change bags to simply move the makeup bag from one to the other. Now on to its contents.

Anyone who read last week’s post will know a hand cream is one of my essentials. I go through it pretty quickly and rotate the brand and scent, but this Lanolips one is my latest love. It sinks in nicely and smells like a summer holiday. A hand sanitizer is also a must-have what with all the public transportation and general New York City filth. Any will do but this one smells like lavender and doesn’t dry out skin.

Wearing contacts and staring at a screen for most of the day can, to no surprise, cause a bit of irritation. I keep these eye drops on hand and have also been looking into blue light-filtering glasses after reading this article on goop.

A tinted lip balm and roll-on perfume are the perfect beauty refresh in the middle of the day or before after-work plans. I swear by these particular blister band-aids if my shoes start to rub me the wrong way. This mini comb neatens things up on windy days or makes it easy to tie my hair up before a workout class. Lastly, floss because how annoying is it to have something stuck in your teeth?