vote for the ultimate in-flight face mask


Come one, come all – I need your vote. Let me explain: I’ve collaborated with Volition to create a new in-flight face mask that needs 1700 votes to go into production and become available for sale.

Have you heard of Volition Beauty? I reviewed a couple of their products months ago but this time around, I’m an innovator. I came up with the idea when I was faced with a 7-hour flight. I read countless in-flight skincare routines looking for the perfect face mask but couldn’t find one that addressed all my skin-related problems that come with long-haul flights: dehydration, pollution, dullness and irritation.

So I settled for a basic hydrating mask and emailed Volition my idea. I started doing research on ingredients and made a big list of potentials that would do everything to protect skin while traveling: hydrate, fight pollution, brighten and soothe.  We hopped on the phone when I returned and I was happy to hear we were all baffled as to how this product didn’t exist.

They then found a lab to create the formula, a cream-gel that goes on clear and can be left on for as long as you’d like. We’re still fine tuning the ingredients but it will definitely have marine hyaluronic acid which works better than your average hyaluronic acid for instant and long-term hydration. The new face mask is called Jetset & Protect and you can vote here to make it become a reality.

Image by Arthur Elgort for Vogue