volition beauty


If you’ve ever thought to yourself I wish I had a beauty product that did X, you’ll love the brand Volition. The crowdsourcing company takes idea submissions from consumers for beauty products that are missing from the current market. If you submit an idea that they know already exists, they’ll point you to the product instead of duplicating one in an already oversaturated field.

Once an idea is submitted and reviewed by the Volition team, whoever submitted the idea works with Volition’s developers to create the product. It then becomes a campaign where community members can vote for the idea and, with enough votes, it goes to production and is available to shop.

I’ve been using two of the products already created and just found out one that I voted for (the Hydrasurge Rubber Mask) won its campaign. The Detoxifying Silt Gelée Mask is truly unlike any other detox mask I’ve tried. This face mask is made with black silt to draw out toxins and has a gel base to nourish and balance skin so it’s both purifying and softening. It feels cooling upon application, dries in about 10 minutes and includes a flat sponge that makes rinsing incredibly easy and mess-free.

The Illuminating Body Milk is, most importantly, free from glitter or shimmer of any kind — it’s very subtle in a good way! This looks like an opal highlighter in the jar and melts into the skin quickly. I like using it on my shoulders, arms and legs and you only need the littlest bit, so I don’t hesitate to use it often.

Take advantage of Volition’s Cyber Monday deal if any product catches your eye — up to 40% off the entire site or a set of their “holy grail” products for $99 down from $167.