the makeup sponge that replaced my beautyblender


The first time I used a beautyblender, I hadn’t done my research. I used it dry to sort of smear around my foundation and couldn’t fathom why these expensive little sponges were such a cult favorite. A few months (and many YouTube videos) later, I dug it out, wet the sponge and haven’t looked back since.

I’ve tried a few beautyblender dupes here and there but nothing ever came close until I tried Wander Beauty’s wander cushion. It’s more dense that other sponges so it won’t soak up any product, extremely soft and has a flat side meant for your face or body and a pointed side for concealer around the eyes and nose.

It doesn’t need to be replaced every few months and it’s so easy to clean. I use the baby shampoo that I use to clean my makeup brushes and it rinses so clean that it looks new again. Whether you’re a beautyblender addict or makeup sponge novice, I highly recommend giving this one a try.