the foundation brush that changed my mind about foundation brushes


For as long as I have been using foundation, I have been strictly part of the fingers-as-brushes club. I had a brief affair with the beautyblender – who didn’t? – before returning to my set of ten God-given applicators. It was never for any reason other than the fact that every foundation brush I tried left my makeup streaky, uneven and looking like it had been applied by a toddler with good intentions. And yet I was compelled to purchase this foundation brush when I heard Kathleen Lights raving about it in a video.

As you will have gleaned from the title of this post, BOY am I glad I did! This foundation brush is incredible. Game-changing. I will sing its praises to any unsuspecting soul who complements my makeup from here on out. It applies my BB cream so, so smoothly and evenly and easily. I doubt the heart shape has anything to do with this but I’m not willing to take that chance and try another. Besides, it’s darling. It’s also limited edition, it looks like they come out with one each year, so you can bet I’ll be scooping up a backup (or two).

Photo, Christy Turlington by Arthur Elgort, Vogue