the $6.25 babyfacial dupe

beautypie fruitizyme five minute facial review

When Drunk Elephant came out with the TLC Sukari BabyFacial, it took the beauty world by storm. The new peel promised to resurface skin, smooth texture, minimize lines and boost clarity and radiance – all in just 20 minutes. You bet I headed straight to Sephora to pick up a sample of it after reading about the new launch. And I loved it, don’t get me wrong, but it immediately reminded me of another product already in my collection and over $70 less expensive – the BEAUTYPIE Fruitizyme Five Minute Facial. For members (costs $10/month) it clocks in at just $6.25.

BEAUTYPIE’s brilliant at-home facial is made with exfoliating AHAs & BHAs (a winning combination), clarifying pomegranate enzymes, smoothing bamboo powder and gentle quartz micro-buffing powder. The results are nearly identical: smoothing, purifying, resurfacing, clearing and brightening, and this one does it in just five to ten minutes.

It makes sense given BEAUTYPIE’s raison d’être. The relatively new company was started by beauty industry veteran Marcia Kilgore who decided it was time to cut out the markups of luxury beauty by creating a membership-based brand. Members pay factory cost (starting under $2) on products that come from the same labs that are creating $100+ anti-aging creams and $50+ foundations.

Needless to say, BEAUTYPIE’s Fruitizyme has become a regular in my weekly skincare routine. My skin feel smoother, looks brighter and more even-toned. I also feel like the regular resurfacing has helped my other products to work better so I always follow this peel with a serum (lately this vitamin C) and a heavy dose of moisture via this moisturizer or this balm.