1 month on the road: my travel skincare routine

the glam files travel skincare

For the last month, I’ve been living out of a suitcase with the rest of my belongings sitting in a storage unit while I go from New York to Chicago to Amboise to Paris and back to New York to move into a new apartment. Packing clothing was rather easy as I have a few favorite staples and tend to stick to a winter uniform of sweaters and black jeans. Packing beauty products was a different story. My vast collection of masks had to be whittled down to three and my daily skincare routine tightly edited. It turned out to be rather nice to stick to the same routine, outlined below, but that’s not to say I’ll be getting rid of my box of lotions and potions when I return.

Morning: a splash of cold water in lieu of a cleanser followed by a swipe of Pixi’s Glow Peel pads and a generous amount of my go-to First Aid Beauty moisturizer.

Evening: makeup removal with my trusty Bioderma and one of these plush cotton pads, a thorough scrub with a gentle cleanser from my dermatologist and a spritz of MUN’s soothing Anarose toner to prep my skin for another dollop of moisturizer.

As needed: a gentle spot treatment I picked up at Follain’s pop-up in December, the in-flight mask I created with Volition (stay tuned, on sale soon!), Caudalie’s detox mask for a weekly deep cleaning, the incredible BEAUTYPIE five-minute facial for a weekly peel and a fresh tube of Drunk Elephant’s Lippe balm applied 20x throughout the day.