sheet masks


Aside from bringing us a full alphabet of creams (CC? DD? I lost track!) Korea has introduced countless sheet masks for hydrating, brightening, calming, firming — really any skin issue you can think of. Face masks have always been my favorite skincare step but within the last year it’s been more about sheet masks than typical wash-off masks.

No matter how many steps in your skincare routine, serums and sheet masks are really the steps where you can best target specific skin concerns. I use sheet masks like a supplement to my beauty regimen depending on how my skin is feeling on any given day or as a quick at-home facial — most are very budget friendly. I now keep an arsenal of sheet masks at the ready.


One of the reasons I now prefer sheet masks to most wash-off masks is that they’re single use. Everyone’s busy but it’s much easier to find 20 minutes to do a sheet mask than to make an appointment and go to get a facial.

I say 20 minutes because it’s usually not recommended to leave sheet masks on for longer than that. The sheet creates a literal barrier on your skin to deliver all those wonderful ingredients but if it dries out, it will start sucking those ingredients back.

Most face masks come with more than enough essence so don’t throw it out. One option is to save the sheet, fold it back into the packet to let it soak up and get another use out of it.


Before you do a sheet mask, make sure you’re starting with a clean canvas. Exfoliating will help the ingredients absorb better or simply cleanse and tone. After the mask, pat the excess serum into you skin and follow with a moisturizer to seal it all in.


Sheet masks for dry skin: Especially as the seasons change, hydration is one of my main concerns. My favorite moisturizing sheet masks are the Boscia Tsubaki hydrogel mask, Sephora Lotus mask, Karuna hydrating mask, Tony Moly Aloe mask, Banila Co Lace hydrogel mask (bonus: it’s pretty!) and Cremorlab Perfection hydrating mask.

Sheet masks for dull skin: The brightening effect of these masks is instant. My favorites are the Dr. Jart Brightening infusion hydrogel mask (I’ve gotten three people & counting hooked on this!) Cremorlab White bloom triple bright floral mask, Tony Moly Lemon mask and Sephora’s Pomegranate mask.

Sheet masks for acne: These quick treatments are just what skin needs when it starts acting up. My favorites are the Cremorlab Herb tea blemish calming mask (one of my all-time favorite sheet masks!) Sephora Green tea mask, Tony Moly Rice mask and Tea tree mask and Dermask’s Clearing solution mask.

Sheet masks for tired skin: Even if you’re running on E, you’re complexion doesn’t have to look it. My favorites are the Karuna Clarifying mask and Antioxidant mask, Sephora Ginseng mask and Honey mask and Tony Moly Tomato face mask.