perfect hair day dry shampoo


My hair gets so dry if I wash it too often so I was always looking for a product to prolong my shampoos without feeling like I was just prolonging shampoos. I finally found one that does everything I want and everything it says it will so I had to share. Having tried a plethora of dry shampoos, I can say with confidence that Living Proof’s is a game changer.

If it seems like Living Proof is late to the market with this one, it’s because they were busy developing a patented molecule that removes oil, sweat and odor without removing other styling product in your hair, thus messing up your hairstyle. The resulting triple-cleaning technology takes care of how your hair looks, feels and smells, meaning it’s not like other dry shampoos that absorb oil then just stay in your hair feeling kind of gross with a heavy, matte finish.

There’s a white powder when you first shake it and apply but, following the instructions, a quick brush-through or scalp massage removes every trace. This soaks up oil instead of masking it and leaves my hair feeling, not just looking, clean. It gives a little volume, a not-overbearing fresh scent and no residue meaning I can use it two (or three) days in a row and seriously test out their question, “how long can you go?”

Shop the new Living Proof dry shampoo and my other favorite products from the brand below.