use a better sheet mask


Ever since I pared down my skincare routine, I’ve become even more obsessed with masking as a way to supplement it depending on how my skin feels. Sheet masks have been my quick fix when I’m short on time however not all sheet masks are created equal.

My sheet mask use has evolved over the years from the cheap ones you can find at any beauty store to the natural fiber sheets and hydrogel iterations. Then I was introduced to Orgaid which combines the best of both.

The Orgaid sheet masks are made from Ecoderma fabric – a hybrid between natural fiber and hydrogel that evenly distributes the active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin while staying put on the face.

The serums are made with certified organic ingredients to do everything from nourish to hydrate to brighten. I go for the nourishing mask one most often, it’s incredible whenever my skin is feeling super dry or irritated.

Convinced yet? I recommend this set so you can test out all three, twice.