love beauty and planet


A couple of weeks ago I hastily swapped my usual body wash for a bottle of this murumuru butter & rose body wash. My boyfriend was coming into town and is not a fan of my products that, quote, smell like breakfast. 😂 I fully intended to swap it out once he left until I finished the bottle of Soap & Glory but I wound up loving the new one too much.

The murumuru butter & rose body wash is made with handpicked Bulgarian rose oil that smells incredible but not overpowering. Murumuru butter has similar softening and nourishing qualities to coconut oil but I find it’s even more moisturizing and not slippery. I already have a back up bottle of this scent for when I run out and I’d like to try the lavender or sandalwood scent.

Love Beauty and Planet goes beyond eco-friendly and organic to carve out what should become an equally buzzy niche – sustainable beauty. The fast-rinse formulas mean shorter showers (saving water) and are made with naturally derived ingredients from ethically sourced, sustainable growers packaged in 100% recyclable bottles. To top it all off, the products are all under $10.