lorac pro contour palette

LORAC Pro Contour Palette

If you’re like me, contouring has always been a little intimidating. I thought it was too dramatic for everyday and that you needed to be an expert or have a makeup artist to get it right. Instead I’d do a little contour with my bronzer and add some highlight if we’re going out, but I never saw the benefit of having a separate palette when I already owned these products. Last week I got to preview the new LORAC Pro Contour palette and believe me when I say it’s a game-changer!

LORAC Pro Contour palette

The palette has three matte contour shades, two matte highlight shades and one shimmer highlight shade and comes with a custom contour brush. Honestly the brush is probably worth the $45 alone! It’s incredibly soft and easy to blend with, plus the unique shape makes it so easy to apply the contour and highlight powder. The three shades of each mean the palette works for any skin tone and year-round if you get a little color in the summer. I’m between light and medium so I’ve been using the light now but I’ll switch to medium when I get a little tan! It’s really easy to get a natural look with this palette that you can wear everyday, and then to amp it up if you want that Kardashian-esque contour. Since placement for where you should contour and highlight depends on your face shape, the palette comes with a step-by-step guide for contouring every face shape. I also love the packaging — it’s so sleek and snaps shut with a magnet to protect the fine powders.

LORAC Pro Contour Palette review

I got my own demo at the event and had the amazing makeup artist spill his pro tips and techniques so I could share. First things first, he recommended to do your makeup before your hair because you have to blend the contour into your hairline. This prevents that unnatural line of makeup but it will also mess up your hair! The brush was custom designed for the palette so that makes it really easy for anyone to do. Use the domed side of the brush to apply your contour shade to the hollow of your cheekbones, nose, around the hairline and along the jawline, then use the flat side to blend. Blending is really the key to making this look natural! Spray the brush to clean off the contour shade before applying the highlight shade with the flat side of your brush. For that, he said to just never use the shimmer shade under your eyes! When you’re done, dust a clean fluffy brush over everything to finish the look.

LORAC Pro Contour palette swatches

Here’s a closer look at the six shades. What I love about these powders is how soft and fine they are — so great for blending on the skin or together if you’re between two! The LORAC Pro Contour palette is available on Ulta.com on June 14, in stores June 28 and everywhere else July 5.

Palette c/o LORAC. All opinions are my own! Thank you for supporting The Glam Files.