i’m on my 4985209384th bottle of this


Ok, I’ve simply lost track of how many bottles of Bioderma I’ve been through. I was hooked after my first use and, unlike most areas of my beauty routine, was never tempted to try another.

Bioderma has been a cult-classic Parisian pharmacy staple since long before the micellar water craze. Though it looks and feels like ordinary water, micellar water is made up of microscopic micelles that act like a magnet for makeup and impurities, removing them without stripping skin like some soaps and cleansers will.

My version of double cleansing is to remove makeup with Bioderma then use a gentle cleanser from my dermatologist. It’s super easy – even waterproof mascara is gone in a few swipes of a Bioderma-soaked cotton pad.

I use Bioderma Sensibio H20, the one formulated for sensitive skin. It’s hypoallergenic and has cucumber extract for an incredibly soothing effect on dry or irritated skin. Before I lived in New York where it’s easy to find, I would order it in bulk on Beautylish.

If you’re using anything other than a micellar water to remove your makeup, you must give this a try.

Photo, Jennifer Nam