how to apply false eyelashes


Applying false eyelashes is one of those perpetually tricky makeup feats. Whenever I’m trying to master a new beauty skill, I turn to the professionals and/or watch countless YouTube videos. Luckily I roped a fantastic makeup artist into showing me her tricks for applying false eyelashes when I previewed Make Up For Ever’s new Lash Show collection. There are 50 (fifty!) new false eyelashes designed for the Lash Show line in four categories: natural volume, dramatic volume, winged and artistic. The artistic collection is perfect for cool Halloween makeup but it’s the cat-eye look of winged false eyelashes that’s my personal favorite.


Start by curling your lashes less than your normally would, just one squeeze of the curler so your lashes don’t curl up separately from the false eyelashes. Then apply one coat of mascara.


Once you’ve picked out your false lashes, apply the lash glue like you would liquid eyeliner – it turns blue so you can easily see where to place your false lashes then dries clear. Add an extra dot of glue on each end of the lash strip for extra grip. I’m wearing N104 from the dramatic volume collection.


One of Lijha‘s tips was to apply false lashes looking down into a mirror — this will help you place the strip along the base of your lash line so there’s no obvious space between your lashes and the false lashes or pulling on your eyelid. Use any makeup brush or tool with an angled end (like this one) to gently adjust or press the lash strip into the glue.


The Lash Show false lashes are reusable as long as you take care of them. At the end of your night or event, carefully remove each strip, gently pull off excess glue and slip them back into their box. Hope you find these tips as helpful as I have! Shop everything I used below. The Lash Show collection is available at Make Up For Ever boutiques and Sephora.