good enough to eat

When it comes to skincare products, I prefer to buy over DIY 99% of the time. But there are two exceptions that are so easy to make and call for ingredients that are almost always on hand. Try whipping up these two beauty recipes to get warmed up for all the cooking that will be happening this time next week.

A skin-smoothing, cellulite-reducing, anti-inflammatory coffee body scrub is a must this time of year. All you do is mix coffee grounds with sugar or sea salt and enough olive or sweet almond oil to hold it together. I prefer the finer grain of sugar in a scrub but to each her own. Olive oil has anti-aging antioxidants and super hydrating squalene while sweet almond oil has vitamins E and A which offer protective, moisture-retaining abilities. You can’t go wrong.

Lip scrub is one product I’ve always preferred to make so I can get the consistency just right. Most call for coconut oil which gives me a horrid rash unless it’s in an itty bitty quantity. I like equal parts brown sugar, white sugar and honey mixed with a little olive oil. It’s super effective and not too messy. I store it in an old lip balm tub and add a pinch of cinnamon when I want a little plumping.