empties no.6 pixi glow tonic

Pixi Glow Tonic is another one of those products I’ve been through countless bottles of. I was ecstatic when the brand sent me a giant bottle with my name on the label last Christmas. Just last week it was running low so I bought a regular-size bottle and refilled.

This exfoliating toner contains glycolic acid to remove dead skin cells, witch hazel to smooth and aloe vera to soothe. I’ve found that daily chemical exfoliation, rather than physical, is much better for my sensitive skin, and this is the product that ticks that box. I use one pump on a cotton pad every morning after cleansing and before a serum.

The results are near immediate – serious glow and a smooth surface that better absorbs the serum that follows. I highly recommend it to anyone, no matter your skin type. Shop Glow Tonic and more of my Pixi favorites below.

Photo, Beyonce, Flaunt Magazine