empties no.5 sunday riley face oil


Face oils have become something of a secret weapon in my skincare. I dipped my toes in with this UMA face oil a couple of years ago and it was a slippery slope from there. Last week I was down to the last drops of two incredible Sunday Riley face oils – Luna and UFO.

Let’s start with the UFO Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil. Meant for spot-prone skin, it’s a dry face oil meaning it absorbs quickly with no greasy residue and layers well under moisturizer and/or makeup. The formula has salicylic acid and tea tree oil, both common in spot treatments. What makes it better is the rest: milk thistle and cucumber seed oil to counteract the drying effects of the acid, licorice to brighten and even out any discoloration from old spots, chamomile and neroli to soothe stressed-out skin. I apply a layer under moisturizer a few nights in a row any time I feel a breakout coming on and it makes everything heal and disappear more quickly. Another bottle of the UFO oil is already en route to my apartment.

I’m indifferent about the Luna Sleeping Night Oil. There’s absolutely nothing I didn’t like about it, but it didn’t have the life-changing effect on my skin that I was expecting. It’s made with one of my favorite skincare ingredients, blue tansy, but I prefer it in May Lindstrom’s blue cocoon balm. As far as retinol goes, it’s incredibly gentle. Sunday Riley balances the potentially aggressive ingredient with soothing chamomile, avocado seed oil and the aforementioned blue tansy. The only reason I’d repurchase the Luna is to keep a gentle retinol in my routine until I’m in need of a stronger dose. If you’re just looking to wake up to miraculously brighter skin, my recommendation is this Midnight Recovery Concentrate.