empties no.2 may lindstrom the blue cocoon


I have a penchant for brands with a good story and May Lindstrom is one such brand. I adore how the founder, May Lindstrom, emphasizes the role that self care has in beauty. Whether your routine is 2 steps or 12 steps, it’s the perfect time to take a moment for yourself each day. Her artisanal products are thoughtfully created to maximize this with powerful, sustainably sourced ingredients in handcrafted formulas blended in micro-batches for maximum efficacy – yes, this is the most luxurious organic skincare brand. Watch this mesmerizing video of the making process, I can’t get enough!

After reading and sampling and stopping for a whiff anywhere I saw it, I splurged on her highly lauded beauty balm, the blue cocoon. This decadent balm is composed of butters, extracts and potent oils like marula, baobab and, the star ingredient, blue tansy. Apart from its absolutely divine scent, I adore the instantly soothing effect it has on my skin. It heals redness, irritation from dryness and inflammation seemingly overnight. Due to the hefty price tag, I used it extremely sparingly in place of my nightly moisturizer once or twice per week and the tub lasted me a little over 14 months.

Want to try before you buy? Integrity Botanicals sells trial sizes of the blue cocoon and other May Lindstrom products. The 5 ml sample will last a few weeks because you only need to use less than a pea-size amount each night.

Photo, May Lindstrom