do this one treatment before sandal season


With warmer weather on the horizon, I wanted to share the one treatment that’s an absolute must before sandal season.  Even more important than the post-winter pedicure. It’s Boscia’s baby soft foot peel.

The treatment comes with two plastic booties lined with what’s essentially sheet masks drenched in fruit extracts rich in antioxidants to smooth and soften skin and AHAs, glycolic and lactic, to remove dead skin cells. You slip them on, chill out for about an hour, then remove and rinse.

At first it will seem like the foot peel did absolutely nothing. Be patient and wear socks. Four or five days later, an entire layer of skin will be peeling off the bottom of your feet and will keep peeling for about a week. Don’t pick or prod, just let the treatment work it’s magic and a few days later you’ll have the most silky soft, smooth feet. Literally baby feet for the rest of the year.

Sounds a bit gross, right? Well, it is. But try it once and you’ll see it’s so, so worth it.

Photo, Violet Grey