a rose is a rose is a rose

Who knew there was a national rose month? I say skip the bouquet in favor of a few rose-infused beauty products because, aside from making for a delightfully fragrant display, roses do wonders for the skin. The flower has been used in skincare for centuries thanks to its multitude of benefits – it’s anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, moisturizing, toning and filled with antioxidants. These are my favorite products that bring you all the benefits rose has to offer.

Fresh Rose Face Mask – This mask was my introduction to rose skincare many, many years ago. Since it’s made with pure rosewater and actual rose petals, it’s a hard product to top. The scent is lovely but not overpowering and the formula feels so luxurious. I use this when my skin is feels parched or anytime I’ve gotten too much sun — it’s also blended with cucumber extract and aloe vera gel so it instantly cools, calms and hydrates.

Heritage Rosewater – Nearly every makeup artist I’ve spoken with has touted this particular rosewater as an essential in their kits. It can be used as a gentle toner, refreshing facial mist, smoothing hair rinse or as a base for a custom fragrance.

NUXE Cleansing Milk with Rose Petals – Perfect for anyone with sensitive or dry skin, this cleansing milk is extremely gentle and soothing. One of my newest obsessions, I have been using it every night after removing makeup with micellar water for a double cleanse.

Rosebud Salve – This balm has a place in everyone’s routine. Not only does it moisturize lips, leaving a glossy and subtle tint, but it also is perfect to cure any dry patches, cuticles or even around the nose after a bad cold.

KORRES Wild Rose Sleeping Facial – Korres’ entire Wild Rose line could be on this list but the night cream is my absolute favorite. I reviewed it before (read it here) and my love hasn’t wavered. It brightens and hydrates overnight and evens skin tone with regular use. It’s made with both rosewater and rose oil plus vitamin C so it packs a real punch.

Su:M37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick – This cleansing stick should be in everyone’s travel kit. It’s a twist-up solid cleanser made with rose extract and has little rose petals mixed in the stick. The formula is so gentle and soothing and it really doesn’t get more travel-friendly.

Lano Rose Hand Cream – My “tick” throughout the day is applying hand cream — I have one in all my bags, at my desk, by my bed because I hate the feeling of dry hands. This rose oil-infused one fits all my requirements: it smells good but not too strong, leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized but never greasy or filmy.

Sephora Rose Sleeping Mask – I love these little sleeping masks for nights when I feel like a regular moisturizer is not enough. This one with rose extract has a creamy gel texture that my skin just drinks up. I always wake up with noticeably plumper, more hydrated skin.