7 ways to look more awake

The holidays may be over but nothing is slowing down. I have yet to catch up on sleep and it’s starting to show.

Dull skin, dark circles, dryness – the list of unpleasantries caused by exhaustion goes on. Until I can get my beauty sleep back on track, I’m using these 7 tricks to look more awake.

1. Drink water. Water is my first answer to nearly any ailment. Being dehydrated makes me feel so out of it and does no favors for appearance, either. Add a squeeze of lemon for taste and a vitamin boost.

2. Apply an eye mask. Dark circles and puffy under-eyes are the telltale signs of one too many late nights. I love the 100% Pure Bright Eyes Mask or Klorane Smoothing and Relaxing Patches. Store eye masks in the refrigerator so they will also de-puff. Leave these on for as long as possible.

3. Massage with a jade roller. Store this one in the refrigerator as well! Use the chilled jade roller to massage in upward strokes from your décolletage to your jawline to your temple. Use the smaller end to gently massage around the orbital bone.

4. Use cooling eye drops. My eyes get especially dry when my contacts have been in for too long and these cooling eye drops are the only fix.

5. Add a few drops of face oil in foundation. Dewy, glowy skin will instantly make you look more awake. My current favorite combination is this Marula Oil and Erborian BB cream.

6. Brighten the under-eyes. Apply a brightening corrector under makeup or use an illuminating concealer under the eyes and where you would apply highlighter – forehead, bridge of the nose and cupid’s bow.

7. Wear sparkly earrings. Beyond the added luminosity sparkly earrings will bring to the face, I find how I dress always has an effect on my mood – a little glamorous accessory will do wonders.

Photo, Léa Seydoux for Louis Vuitton by Patrick Demarchelier